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EGBERS Land Design is unique in the fact that we are a full service firm providing both of the primary services that traditionally define the residential landscape industry. While our primary focus is on the design and construction of quality outdoor living spaces, we also offer a variety of landscape maintenance services to ensure the quality of the design throughout its lifetime.


EGBERS Land Design will work with you from the first conception of a design project to the final walkthrough signaling the end of construction. All projects begin with the clients vision of a design. EGBERS Land Design, Inc. will work to enhance and refine the original idea into final construction documents. Once the authorization has been received we will begin the process of making those ideas come to life by completing the construction phase of all projects with an in-house crew that has a combined experience of over 80 years in the landscape industry. Should your project require specialty experience such as pool installation or concrete finishing EGBERS Land Design will act as General Contractor and supervise all portions of the project to ensure completion of a quality project that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Site Maintenance

Whether we installed your project or you have an existing site, EGBERS Land Design will provide all of the service required to keep your site looking exquisite. Our maintenance program includes a range of services that can be utilized as a comprehensive package or tailored to the specific needs of your site. The following services are offered as part of our standard maintenance program.

Spring cleanup
This includes re-edging plant beds, pruning ornamentals grasses, roses and perennials. Applying fertilizer and herbicide to plant beds, cleaning out leaves from plant beds. Applying a top dressing if hardwood mulch or pine straw mulch. This is completed during the months of april and may.

Weekly cutting of the lawn

Spring pruning
This occurs after spring growth appears and is normally completed during the month of June.

Fall pruning
This is completed in October and December . We prune growth that occurs during the summer and cutting perennials in December.

Fall fertilizer & herbicide
This is an application of fertilizer and herbicide to plant beds in the fall.

Bed maintenance
We chemically treat weeds, remove dead weeds, and dead head flowers, check for insects and disease in shrubs.

Leaf cleanup
This occurs after falls leaves have dropped.

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